The house of Dorantes was founded in 1994. It is located in number 63 on the street Calle Corredera, close to the city centre of Lebrija, surrounded by the world of horses and its sensations.


In search of excellence

25 years after its creation, the house of Dorantes, thanks to its boldness and determination, has been able to convey the passion for a new type of highly specialised work to a whole generation of artisans, while tirelessly seeking, throughout this time, to redefine the art of saddlery, by achieving the perfect blend between tradition and innovation to deliver the perfect harmony between human and horse.

The exquisite attention to detail, which is the leitmotiv of our house, together with our defence of tradition and the use of the best leather, threads, silks, metals, silver, gold, etc. for every piece we make, has contributed to the Dorantes brand gaining wide national and international recognition. In 2005, we achieved one of our greatest successes: being named the Official Supplier for the Royal Household of Spain and being awarded the 2016 National Handicrafts Prize.

The house of Dorantes

Dorantes, an extraordinary house with a magnificent tradition and a unique sense of excellence.

Travel back in time to a fascinating world of artisan creations where clocks seem to have stopped long ago.

Walk around the interior of the house to discover a wonderful universe where master saddlers, goldsmiths and restorers work on exciting projects to deliver unique products, combining respect for tradition, an impeccable craftsmanship and a clear idea of elegance together with a surprising level of creativity and innovation.

Our workshop: past, present and future

Our workshop is the place where we give shape to our creations are going to take shape through a bespoke design, where our artisans carefully pay attention to detail to put into practice on each piece the knowledge and skills with which they meet the strict standards of our brand.

A world inspired by horses; one that grows every day and conveys its feelings and emotions into every new piece and every new idea.

A gallery of movement

Our showroom, which is intimate and elegant at the same time, is the perfect spot to have a closer look at the pieces, creations and accessories of the brand Dorantes in the most exclusive way.

A place where motion seems to be trapped between its walls with geometric precision, either walking through its rooms or waiting on one of our sofas for our artisans to show them their latest orders, visitors get carried away from the very beginning, travelling to places and times long forgotten. Every time they visit us, they discover new creations and objects that have undoubtedly become icons of timeless style and elegance.


The Dorantes experience

In a world dominated by the planned obsolescence of trends, here at Dorantes DHD we have chosen to stand strong and stay true to our values, by offering our customers sensations and emotions that represent a taste for time, so that they can experience a timeless quality and style and feel the most sophisticated elegance at all times. From a collection of impressive harnesses to the most luxurious selection of bags, belts and scarves, each piece is a tribute to craftsmanship and quality, which have been the cornerstones of Dorantes DHD ever since it was created.

Sustainable development

We are focused on reducing the ecological footprint of all our activities, as we are firmly committed to helping reconcile economic welfare, natural resources and society in general. We do so by using the values we have inherited from craftspeople with a broad sense of responsibility, while searching for authenticity and respecting time and natural resources. We are always eager to find out more about the journey of the materials we use and the life and story of the men and women who help make them a reality. They are our travel companions, and thus we support them with our efforts and expectations of sustainable progress.