Bespoke manufacturing

From the first time a customer visits our workshops, one of our expert saddlers accompanies them through the entire process to prepare their order, bearing in mind the customer’s tastes and trends, always seeking to help them choose the right model according to the relevant historical framework.

If the project requires it, our artisans will take sets of measures, ranging from all those required to define the shape of the horse, to the smallest adjustments to correctly adapt the pieces to the customer, for each piece to be unique.  

Pieces born out of excellence

The production of a complete harness combining the excellence of our artisans together with the modernity and ergonomics of a moving object can take up to 1800 hours of work and care.

These unique creations will forever represent a piece of history of the DHD Dorantes house. For that reason, they are all numbered to never be forgotten, leaving a trace of the history of their creation in our records.

We deliver all of our pieces together with the corresponding documentation.


Historical conservation

In conservation projects, our work teams’ main goal is to stabilise the condition of the harness, carriage or piece in question and delay their subsequent deterioration by implementing a set of preventive and safeguarding actions aimed at guaranteeing their useful life and protection against future alteration, while seeking to recover, where necessary, its functionality.

From the very first moment, our teams apply NEUTRAL and CONTROLLABLE conservation processes in accordance with the principles of STABILISATION, SANITATION and PROTECTION. They do so in order to reduce the intrinsic and extrinsic causes that affect the piece, as much as is possible, taking environmental conditions into account, either from a physical perspective or in terms of regular maintenance.

Restoration in motion

Bringing a damaged or worn object back to life is one of the greatest satisfactions you can experience as an artisan at Dorantes Harness Makers. Harnesses, a complete carriage, the simplest of accessories in leather… our artisans always bear this clear purpose in mind: facilitating the perception, appreciation and understanding of the pieces they are working with, while respecting their aesthetic, historical and physical properties at all times.

At Dorantes Harness Makers, we use all the necessary tools and expertise throughout the whole craft restoration process, so that, based on previous inquiries, we can carry out all the processes and works that clarify and enlighten reality, without modifying the piece in question, while preserving the principles of reversibility, recognition and respect for the work of the craftsman who originally created the relevant harness or fitting, carriage or piece.

We use our own international transport and packaging services to maximise safety.


For both private collectors and the most renowned institutions and/or museums, Dorantes Harness Makers’ Workshops apply a perfect mix of traditional and modern conservation and restoration techniques to recover harnesses, historical carriages, and all kinds of accessories in leather and metal and return them to their original condition.

All our products include the corresponding documentation, consisting of a written and illustrated record of the diagnostic examination, the interventions carried out and all the relevant information concerning the piece in question.

In addition to our restoration and conservation services, at Dorantes Harness Makers, our customers will always be able to get technical assistance and advice from our experts, including the technical reports and valuations they may require.