Mundo Dorantes

DHD Mundo Dorantes was born with the idea of becoming a point of reference in antique auctions and as a result of the passion of the DHD Dorantes eam of artisans in their search for accessories and complements for the projects they develop.

This passion and experience accumulated over years has allowed us to know very well the art and antiques market and in this way to be able to extend, with all guarantees, our good work towards a considerable number of pieces that we consider of undoubted interest for the collector hobbyist in general.

Mundo Dorantes

In this way, and through the DHD Mundo Dorantes,

website, you will be able to acquire all kinds of antiques, comfortably, without having to travel either in its direct sale mode or through a bid in the different lots that are offered in the area of auctions.


At Mundo Dorantes we also seek to recover ancient objects to return them to their original use.

We do not just limit ourselves to finding, but we also study each object in a particular way to try to understand the history it hides to the fullest, using the expert hands of our artisans.

Returning to life an original object damaged or deteriorated by the passage of time in order to restore the maximum use of its original function is one of the greatest satisfactions to which a craftsman at DHD Dorantes can aspire and fits perfectly with the commitment to fight against the planned obsolescence that our firm defends.

A commitment based on values inherited from artisans with a broad sense of responsibility, a search for authenticity and respect for time.

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